What Should You Do Before Giving Your Dog a Treat?

What Should You Do Before Giving Your Dog a Treat
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Most dogs are powerfully motivated by food, and it's a great way to both elicit desired behaviors, and to administer medication. If you have read about the many benefits of CBD treats for your dog, you may want to begin using them yourself. If you think that CBD treats would be good for your dog and want to incorporate them into your pet care, here are some important things to do first.

Discuss CBD Treats With Your Veterinarian

CBD treats have a broad range of effects, and can affect different dogs differently. If you think your dog may benefit from CBD treatment, it's best to first bring it up with your veterinarian. Here are some things to keep in mind when talking with your vet.

Find a vet who is experienced with CBD

Check online reviews, read veterinarian offices blogs and recommendations, or discuss it with other pet owners. It is helpful to work with a vet who has experience with these products. Some veterinarians still hesitate to bring up CBD treatments with pet owners, because of a lingering stigma around marijuana products. Most veterinarians appreciate it when an owner brings the topic up first.

Discuss medication interactions

Discuss medication interactions

If you are adding CBD products to supplement a medical regimen and help treat an illness or disease, be aware of potential side effects and drug interactions. This is also why it is helpful to have an experienced vet.

Discuss treatments and dosages

CBD products come in a variety of forms, and different treatment methods may work better for different goals and conditions. Consider all your options, and use the recommended dosage.

How to Purchase Your First CBD Treats 

When you are shopping for CBD dog treats, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Choose high-quality products, and carefully read labels and reviews

This is important because some CBD products, particularly those marketed for dogs, are extremely low quality, and some have been found to contain no CBD at all. When discussing options with your veterinarian, it is likely that they will recommend particular products, which can be helpful.

Different brands have different dosages

You may want to start by purchasing a couple different CBD dog treat brands or flavors, to see what your dog prefers. Remember that different brands have different formulations and different dosage recommendations, so read the labels and use the treats accordingly.

Look for additional beneficial ingredients. CBD dog treats are often also made with other beneficial ingredients, like additional oils to ease and protect or soothe the joints, or other therapeutic goals. These ingredients can also help to benefit your dog.

Before Giving Your Dog a CBD Treat

CBD treats can be used medically, to help a dog feel better, but also as part of a dog's training and behavioral goals. Before actually giving a treat, be aware of your dog's therapeutic situation and goals, so that you are using the treats most beneficially.

You may be using a CBD treat to ease stress and help your dog in specific situations:

  • Thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Moving or travel
  • Crowds and disruption
  • Separation and stress
  • Nausea and vomiting

For this kind of occasional use, a CBD treat can help a dog relax and reduce stress, and also has beneficial side effects like reduced inflammation, immune support, and improved health.

Before Giving Your Dog a CBD Treat

You may also want to use CBD treats for ongoing therapeutic reasons, administering a treat daily in order to help ease:

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Appetite stimulation

You may also be using CBD treats as part of a medical program designed to help dogs deal with:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip dysplasia

The purpose of the CBD treats will affect the dosage, and also how you administer the treats. And, whatever your therapeutic goals.

Best Practices for CBD Treats

Don't administer CBD treats just before or after a meal

When a dog is neither full nor hungry, treats can be most effective for behavioral reinforcement, and the CBD oils are digested most efficiently.

Always have clean water available

Of course, dogs always need to have fresh water available. However, in some dogs, CBD can increase thirst, so keep water on hand.

Prepare for sleepiness

Some dogs become sleepy when they are given CBD treats. Plan ahead so the dog can be drowsy or more relaxed than normal.

Use good dog training methods

As with any treats, use them along with best practices in training a dog and reinforcing good behavior. Don't give CBD treats to a jumping, aggressive, over-excited dog. Don't give treats in response to begging.

Always give treats along with petting and reassuring words, so that the behavior is reinforced with social rewards as well as food rewards. This element of social reinforcement and bonding is important with CBD treats, because they may not be as tasty for dogs as less-healthy snacks and treats.

Always give treats on a flat, open palm

Don't hold up any dog treats, encouraging dogs to get excited and jump, and don't pinch them in your fingers, obliging a dog to use their teeth to take the treat from you. Both of these practices sometimes result in unintentional bites or nips, and aren't healthy for you or the dog.

CBD treats are a safe, healthy way to benefit your dog's overall health and mood, and has the power to treat a wide range of medical and mood conditions. Used with behavioral training, they can help to make your dog happier and healthier for years to come. Always discuss CBD treatments and options with your veterinarian, and use these treats according to medical direction and package instructions.

Make sure that you give treats in a way that helps you bond with your dog and reinforce good behavior, and avoid reinforcing unhealthy habits. There are more and more options all the time for CBD treatments for your pet, and with care you can find the most effective one for your furry friend.

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