Treatibles CBD Dog Treats Review

Treatibles CBD Dog Treats Review
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Quick Overview






  • Full-spectrum hemp treats
  • Grain- and gluten-free


  • Expensive especially if you have a large dog

Treatibles CBD Dog Treats Review

With these dog treats, your pooch gets chews that contain hemp oil as well as other desirable ingredients. Their range currently includes blueberry, pumpkin, sweet potato, and turkey versions. This means that you can check out more than one in order to try and find the ideal flavor. These are hard chews and some of the options are aimed at large dogs, although there are also Treatibles CBD Dog Treats for smaller pets as well.

As with other products that contain hemp oil, the published benefits include calming nervous dogs, reducing joint pain, helping promote a healthy digestive system, and dealing with inflammation. They are advertised as being safe and non-toxic, but you should be careful to monitor the dosage that you serve so that you work out how much is needed. The new packaging is 40% bigger than it was before.

Who is this product for?

Any dog lover who sees that their pet has a health problem may be tempted to try out these treats. As we have seen above, there are certain situations in which hemp oil dog treats can be beneficial. Yet, some dog owners state that chews like these can help any dog to feel healthier and more relaxed. Having said that, this product is likely to be of particular interest to owners of dogs that have become less active over the years or that shows signs of suffering from a specific health problem.

Who isn’t likely to be interested in trying these Treatibles CBD Dog Treats? Well, if you have a healthy young puppy you might think that there is no real reason to give them chews that contain CBD oil.

What’s included?

These treats come in a number of different options. The biggest difference is when it comes to choosing between large and small pets. The chews for bigger dogs are bigger in size.  Each bag contains 7.2 oz. of treats, with between 45 and 47 chews in each bag of the large size, giving a minimum of 180mg of full-spectrum hemp oil. You also have the option of ordering a box of 10 packets if you prefer.

Overview of features

As you can imagine, it is the use of CBD oil that is the most noteworthy feature of this pet product. This is an ingredient that has attracted a huge amount of interest in recent times. However, it isn’t the only interesting aspect of these dog chews. They also include other powerful ingredients such as blueberry and pumpkin. The manufacturer believes that they are currently the most cost-effective way of introducing hemp oil into a dog’s diet.


You need to first of all choose between Treatibles CBD Dog Treats for large dogs (over 40 lbs.) or small dogs (under 40 lbs.). The next step is to decide how many chew to give them each day. The official line on this is different for the two sizes. In terms of the smaller chews, it is suggested that you give them 1mg (which is a single treat) for every 10 lbs. of body weight, every 4-8 hours as necessary.

For bigger dogs, a 1mg dose is suggested every 4 to 8 hours for every 10 lbs. of body weight. You need to remember that the large chews each contain 4mg of hemp oil in them when calculating consumption. It is a good idea to monitor your dog’s intake to work out the perfect amount of chews they need over time.


There is a great variety of CBD-infused dog treats for sale now. Is this product from Treatibles the right one for you? If you like the idea of calming your dog and aren’t so worried about joint pain then you may like to look at something that focuses on this aspect. For example, the Calming Treats For Dogs product includes other ingredients that will help to relax.


If you have a beloved pooch who needs a helping hand then trying these chews could be a great decision. Many pet owners have discovered that treats like these can help an older dog to act a lot younger than they have been doing. You may decide that it has got to be worth a try.

There are other options on the market, but this is a well-rounded choice that gives a potent supply of hemp oil at a decent price. Once you start giving them to your pet you will be keen to see if there any signs of the improvement that other people have noticed.

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