How to Make CBD Dog Treats

How to Make CBD Dog Treats
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If you’ve read about the wide array of benefits CBD offers to dogs, you’re probably looking for the best way to feed them it. Direct oil drops may be the most efficient way, but good luck getting your dog to cooperate!

While there are a number of different products on the market that contain various ingredients that claim to be 100% organic, pure, and safe, it’s hard to know for sure what’s inside them. When it comes to monitoring what your pet eats or takes, the only way to know for sure is to make it yourself.

Rather than spending the money on premade treats, you can make your own homemade CBD dog treats in your kitchen for much cheaper while being able to closely monitor what goes into them. CBD oil is incredibly easy to incorporate in a variety of treats – for you or your dog!

Not sure where to start? Below we’ve assembled a list of 7 different recipes for you to consider feeding to Fido so that they can enjoy the benefits of CBD. They’re even human-safe if you can’t help yourself!

Sweet Vegetarian CBD Treats

Sweet Vegetarian CBD Treats

Starting off with a treat boasting a variety of healthy ingredients, this sweet vegetarian treat recipe includes pumpkin, apple, carrots, peanut butter and more all mixed together to create a healthy biscuit for your dog to enjoy (bone shape mold optional!). Like many recipes, the ingredients (mainly the egg) need to be cooked for safety so be sure you bake them before you feed them to your pup. This recipe can be used with any dog-safe CBD oil, is light and gluten-free, and is sure to be a hit with your dog.

CBD-infused Peanut Butter and Coconut Oil Treats

This recipe is a little different, recommending that you mix their 99% CBD isolate product with coconut oil before using it as normal coconut oil in the recipe. This is different from simply adding a CBD oil, so be aware that this isn’t for standard CBD oil use.

These simple treats use just 4 all-natural ingredients to make a peanut butter and coconut flavored treat. While it may seem like a weird combination, the flavors are tamed by the higher oat/flour ratio and banana to give it a rich consistency and savory taste.

Baked Peanut Butter CBD Treats

Every dog loves peanut butter – and these treats ensure they get their fill of it. Peanut butter makes up the majority of the ingredients, making a protein-rich treat even better with the addition of CBD. These treats can be baked or eaten “raw,” giving another way to mix up the treat. If you’re looking to upgrade your peanut butter treats to something that are as healthy as they are delicious, the peanut butter CBD treats may be for your pup.

Peanut Butter Coconut “Raw” CBD Balls

Looking for a super quick, simple, and tasty way to get your dog their CBD? Peanut butter and coconut balls require no baking, only 3 steps, and only about 30 minutes from start to finish. You can control the size of the balls to make them better fit your dog’s mouth size, and put as much coconut as your furry friend wants. The “raw” form makes them incredibly moist and flavorful when compared to baked treats that lose some taste in the oven, so these may be Fido’s favorite!

Get your dog their CBD

Pumpkin CBD Treats

With this pumpkin-flavored dog treat, your dog can participate in the fall “Pumpkin” craze along with you. The baked treats contain pumpkin and cinnamon(spice) just like your Starbucks drink, and require very few ingredients and steps to make. It’ll be a new taste for your pup and it won’t break the bank – sounds good to me!

Note that this recipe calls for adding the CBD oil AFTER baking to retain as much CBD as possible (heat can affect CBD potency), so save the oil for afterwards!

All-Natural Applesauce CBD Treats

Another baked treat, the all-natural applesauce CBD treats are extra moist thanks to the egg and applesauce, allowing them to retain a stronger flavor during baking. Your pet may find them more chewy than crunchy, which is a step up from the standard dry Milk-Bone treats many dogs are used to. Be sure they cook all the way through though, as raw or undercooked egg can be dangerous for your dog.

Blueberry CBD Treats

Some fruits (looking at you, grapes!) are bad for dogs, but not blueberries! These gluten-free and all-natural treats are a bit heavy on the eggs so be sure it cooks all the way through to avoid an upset stomach. However, they’ll be packed with flavor and chunks of blueberry, making them a savory and healthy treat for your pup to enjoy.

Semi-Homemade CBD Dog Treats

Not confident in your baking skills or want something that makes it even quicker and easier to feed your dog their CBD? If you don’t want to bake your own treats for your pup, CBD oil can fortunately be infused into a wide array of different treats your dog already enjoys. Mix it into some peanut butter and refrigerate for CBD peanut butter balls; add a few drops to their favorite Milk-Bone, or just work it into their food; as long as you can get them to eat it (and avoid any chocolate), you’re all set!


As long as you’re careful with the dosing and the treats’ ingredients, it can’t hurt to add some CBD to your pet’s diet for a happier and healthier life. While there are a variety of ready-made products to choose from, they can get expensive and their quality will vary depending on the brand. For the safest, healthiest, and cheapest way to feed your dog CBD, consider baking your own treats with one of the recipes we’ve listed above.

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