Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats Review

Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats Review
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Quick Overview






  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-free
  • Full spectrum CBD oil


  • Pricey for large dogs

Looking after our pets in the best possible way is one of the main priorities for all animal lovers. Yet, finding the food that gives them the right balance of nutrients can seem incredibly difficult to do at times. How can you give them something that they enjoy eating and that looks after their bodies too?

With so many dog treats on the market, it can seem tough to make the best choice. Are Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats the right choice for keeping your pooch happy and healthy? Let’s take a look at the full details.


Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats Review

These dog treats are specially designed to help those dogs that suffer from various issues, such as anxiety, phobias, joint and muscle pain, and allergies. The overall aim of the company is to help dogs fight the aging process through the use of CBD oil from the Cannabis sativa plant. They come in 3 different types.

The “calming” option is Roasted Peanut Butter Flavored CBD Dog Treats. The choice for “relief” is Tasty Turmeric Flavored CBD Dog Treats. Finally, the way to “restore” is with Creamy Coconut Flavored CBD Dog Treats. Each of these different flavors has a small amount of CBD hemp oil in them, together with a range of other natural ingredients. This product comes in a classy new type of packaging that keeps the treats fresher for longer.

Who is this product for?

These dog treats are for people who want to see their dogs stay healthy and active as they grow older. The manufacturer also says that older dogs can act younger after eating them for a time. They are designed to help animals to cope with chronic conditions and other health issues, in the same way that humans use CBD oil for similar reasons.

The treats are guaranteed to be 100% TFC free too, to avoid the risks of the dog getting high from them. It should be noted that these are pretty expensive to buy when compared to some other types of dog treat on the market, so they might not be the perfect choice for every dog owner out there.

What’s included?

Each of the different flavors comes in an 8-oz. (227g) bag that contains approximately 20 treats in it. They say that every one of the treats in it contains 5g of 100% pure hemp oil. The treats are each about 1 inch in diameter. Some reviewers state they are a bit hard for their dogs, so they choose to soften them up with some sort of liquid or else break them into smaller pieces.

Overview of features

The key feature of these Honest Paws CB Dog Treats is the use of 100% pure hemp oil. While many of the other ingredients are useful in terms of keeping your pooch healthy, it is the hemp oil which helps your dog become more active and healthier.

Since there are 3 different flavors available from this company, it is important to understand the exact benefits that your dog needs. For example, the Tasty Turmeric option has been created specifically to help dogs that suffer from some sort of joint pain, muscle pain, or inflammation.


The key with this product is to understand what your dog actually needs. It isn’t something that you should just buy as a general type of treat for any pet. By understanding the health issues of your dog, you can choose the product that is best suited to them. You then need to work out the dose that they need.

You should carefully consider how much hemp oil is needed on a weekly or daily basis to help them feel in great shape again. As mentioned earlier, you also need to work out whether you need to make it easier for them to eat. Some users mentioned dripping hemp oil onto the treats to make them more effective, but you will want to be careful to not give them too high a dosage.


These Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats aren’t the only options of this type on the market just now. If you want something that costs a bit less than you might want to consider the Calming Treats for Dogs. It comes with 75 treats and contains 150mg of hemp seed in every 2 treats. However, as the name suggests, this is something for calming down nervous, anxious dogs rather than for dealing with long-term health problems.


There is no doubt that many pet owners have stated that these dog treats have given their beloved pooch a new lease of life. The subject of giving hemp oil to pets is still a somewhat controversial matter. The fact that these treats are 100% THC free means that your pet won’t get high, but you will still want to be sure that you fully understand what it is all about. Of course, if you hate seeing your dog suffer from pain or health problems, you will probably give these treats a try, to see if they really do make a difference to their quality of life.

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