Hempworx CBD Dog Treats Review

Hempworx CBD Dog Treats Review
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Quick Overview






  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • Great flavors


  • Might be too potent for small dogs

Has the time come to give your dog’s health and lifestyle a boost? Many pet owners now feel that giving treats that contain CBD oil is a good way of helping them to become more active. The use of hemp oil won’t get your dog high but do you what benefits it could bring him? Opinion is divided on this subject, but some of the positive effects claimed are reduction in joint pain, lower anxiety levels, and better digestion. Is this product the best choice for giving your pooch the chance of a healthier life for longer?

Hempworx CBD Dog Treats Dog Treats Review

As with most other hemp oil dog treats of this sort, these are easily consumed snacks that contain the power of hemp oil. Only high-quality, natural ingredients are used in this product, which is advertised by the manufacturer as being veterinarian approved. Hempworx CBD Dog Treats Dog Treats are beef flavored to make them more attractive to dogs.

They are also free of corn, wheat, and soy. The CBD oil is full spectrum, grown in Kentucky. The rest of the ingredients are all locally sourced as well, with the product made in the US. It is aimed particularly at those pets who are starting to suffer the aches and pains that come with old age.

Who is this product for?

As mentioned earlier, these dog treats are viewed as being most suitable for pets that are less mobile and active than they once were. This can be because of reasons such as arthritis, inflammation, or hip dysplasia. It is also used by people who have anxious or stressed-out pets that they want to help calm down naturally. Dogs with cancer of general health problems can also benefit from eating treats that contain hemp oil. As we can see, this means that there are many different dogs that can feel better once they have consumed these chews for a while.

What about the cases in which it isn’t necessary? You may decide that there is no need to give these hemp oil treats to a young dog with no health issues.

What’s included?

These packs come with 33 treats in each bag. Every treat contains 2.5mg of CBD oil. The pack is clearly labeled and contains the basic details you need to know. At the time of writing, there are also multi-pack offers that let you save money by buying in bulk.

Overview of features

The use of hemp oil in food for humans and animals is something that has become very popular lately. The Hempworx CBD Dog Treats contain 2.5mg of active CB oil extract in every one of them. This is the key reason for buying these treats, as it is from this oil all of the most important health benefits are said to come. It can work well for pets with a number of different health issues. While it doesn’t contain the elements that give cannabis users a high, you may notice that your four legged friend appears to be a little bit drowsy when he first uses it.


These treats are designed to be given directly to dogs to consume. This can be done along with other food or by moistening them to make them easier to eat, if necessary. It is important to give your dog the right number of treats so that they form an effective treatment for him.

With this product, it is recommended that small dogs of under 20 lbs. consume one every 12 hours or so. If the pooch is between 21 and 44 lbs. then they could have 2 treats in every 12 hour period. With weights of between 45 and 95 lbs., this goes up up to 3 chews every 12 hours. Big dogs weighing over 95 lbs. can safely eat 4 treats in a 12 hour period.


If you have just started looking at products like this then you might wonder whether Hempworx CBD Dog Treats are your best choice. Or are there other, similar dog treats with hemp oil that you might also want to try? The truth is that there are a good number of other products you might be interested in. Do you want something that comes in a wider variety of flavors or perhaps something that is focused more on relaxing the dog than on wider health issues?

One example you might want to check out is the TrueLeafPet Supplement Chews. This is aimed more at helping anxious dogs to relax, which is why it has a variety of other ingredients that do this, as well as the hemp seed extract.


No matter what it is that is troubling your dog, these treats offer a natural way to make feel better. The fact that they are made from natural products gives confidence that they can be safely consumed by pets without any harmful side effects. We all want to see our pets grow old healthily and happily. If your pooch has been suffering recently, this is one way of trying to help them feel good about life again. There is no guarantee of success, but numerous pet owners suggest that their own dogs have benefitted from this approach.

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