CBD Oil for Dogs in Wyoming

CBD Oil for Dogs in Wyoming
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You are used to seeing your dog happy and energetic, following you wherever you go, and patiently waiting for that moment you come back home. But today, it is a different story. Your dog looks and acts apathetic, not even interested in their favorite treat that usually works.

Sudden behavior changes shouldn’t be considered as normal, and as soon as you notice something, it is time to call your trusted vet.

Dogs can develop a variety of conditions, of which some might be caused by genetic traits, and others by external factors. Either way, the earlier you react, the better the chance of recovery will be. In the past few years, vets across the country have suggested that one alternative medicine product might carry a number of healing properties for dogs. Yes, it is the debated CBD oil. Certain research has shown that medical use of CBD oil has anti-inflammatory as well as pain-relieving properties for dogs.

How Does Wyoming Regulate CBD Oil For Dogs

On the other hand, not all states regulate this substance the same way, and while forward-thinking states like Washington have made it completely legal, other states like Nebraska are pretty skeptical about it and have banned its use. If you are a resident of Wyoming, and you are interested in trying such a treatment, it is vital to know the relevant regulations. Let’s see how Wyoming has regulated this debated substance.

How Does Wyoming Regulate CBD Oil For Dogs?

Same as in Idaho, the CBD Oil for dogs Wyoming regulative is pretty stingy. What do we mean? Wyoming laws restrict any kind of marijuana use, both for medical and recreational purposes. While the medical marijuana program should have set in, it still hasn’t, and until that happens, you can’t legally obtain any CBD oil products that are derived from cannabis (marijuana).

On the other hand lies the question of whether hemp CBD oil is legal. Hemp-based products have been deemed as legal by the Farm Bill in 2014, but this still doesn’t answer our question completely. The thing is, if you want to use hemp CBD oil for your dog, you have to obtain a Hemp Extraction Registration Card, and such is only available to qualified patients that suffer from epilepsy.

Given how hard it is to get hemp CBD oil permits, people have been turning to other countries and states and transferring the products across the border. Still, keep in mind that this is illegal, and it is a criminal offense in case you get caught.

Where to Get CBD Oil Products in Wyoming

Where to Get CBD Oil Products in Wyoming?

Once again, this question is not that easy to answer. As marijuana is completely illegal across the state, you shouldn’t expect that there are local dispensaries or official stores selling such products. Still, not all is lost, as there is a number of local vape shops that do sell hemp oil products. The problem with obtaining hemp-derived CBD oil for your dog legally is that you need a Hemp Extraction Registration Card, which you can have only as a qualified patient.

You can still go online and find exclusive CBD oil offers. A great thing is that most of the online shops ship across the state and do that in bulk, so if you are planning a few weeks treatment for your dog, you will be able to get everything at once.

Our recommendation is checking out Life Patent. They distribute across the country, and have a number of high-quality products that are pet-friendly such as CBD 250 for Pets. Buying from Life Patent is fast and convenient, and you can be sure that they use only the best methods for hemp oil extraction.


As you can see, the CBD oil regulative in Wyoming is not a simple one. The Medical Marijuana Program is yet to be implemented, and on the other hand, you can use CBD oil products that are below 0.3% THC only if you have the Hemp Extraction Registration Card. With this in mind, you can still obtain pet-friendly CBD oil products from online retailers like Life Patent, and hope that in the near future, Wyoming will make its regulations more CBD-friendly.

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