CBD Oil for Dogs in West Virginia

CBD Oil for Dogs in West Virginia
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You have heard that dogs are a man's best friend and now you have got one or a few of your own, and anytime you enter your home, they greet you with happy faces and wagging tails. Still, dogs aren’t immune to diseases and medical conditions, and if you notice certain changes in their regular behavior, it is time to react.

Same as we humans, dogs can get sick – but when it comes to them, it is even more critical to react as soon as possible.

While dog medicine is pretty developed, and there are numerous treatments intended for various conditions, not all of them work, and in some cases, dogs are mistakenly diagnosed. On the other hand, certain alternative medicine products can be used for dogs as well. CBD oil has been around for some time now, and while not all states regulate it as legal, people have been reporting its healing properties as medical treatments for their dogs. It is true, numerous studies suggest that a CBD oil product can have anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving properties, and even go as far to promote homeostasis.

How Does West Virginia Regulate CBD Oil For Dogs

Although using CBD oil to treat your pup for illnesses and diseases needs some more research, many people believe that it is one of the best alternative treatments. If you are a fan of CBD products in general, knowing the regulations of this product is important. And as a West Virginia resident, you need to know the answer if you plan to use it with your pooch.

How Does West Virginia Regulate CBD Oil For Dogs?

When it comes to the question of CBD oil for dogs in West Virginia, the answer is pretty positive. Still, it is not as simple as you might think. Firstly, the use of hemp and hemp-derived products was made legal by the Farm Bill in 2014, and since then, people have used the properties of hemp-derived oil for themselves and their pets.

On the other hand, the more potent cannabis-derived CBD oil is regulated in two ways. The idea of relevant state laws is that all CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal, while everything above that is regulated in relation to laws addressing marijuana use.

West Virginia made medical use of marijuana legal in 2017, but local dispensaries are yet to be opened as of the start of 2019. Recreational use of marijuana and cannabis-derived CBD oil products is not allowed, and without a medical prescription, you will not be able to legally treat your dog using it.

Where to Buy CBD Oil Products in West Virginia

Where to Buy CBD Oil Products in West Virginia?

As we have mentioned above, the use of CBD oil in West Virginia is not universally regulated. All products that are below 0.3% THC are legal and sold across the country, while anything above that is considered a part of the marijuana medical program. With this in mind, you can get hemp-derived products from your local retail shops as well as online stores that might offer a better deal.

Our recommendation is to always buy from a trusted brand that makes pet-friendly products. When it comes to West Virginia, the Appalachian Cannabis Company is your way to go. They have a few retail stores, and they also sell their product through an online website. All Appalachian Cannabis Company products are handcrafted, tested, and certified.

One of the most important things about this supplier is the fact that they manufacture a variety of different products including tinctures, edibles, and topicals. If your dog is going through a lot of pain, or muscle stress, trying treatments using Appalachian cannabis products might be the way to go.

Of course, before you buy the product or decide to use such a treatment for your pup, we recommend that you consult with your vet.


West Virginia is one of the states that has a positive regulation for the use of CBD oil, as it allows the use of any products below 0.3% THC. However, products that have more than 0.3% THC will need to be implemented in the medical marijuana program regulative. While it might not be as forward-thinking as Washington is, West Virginia is on trend with its regulations, and we can expect that in the near future, it might allow for recreational marijuana use as well.

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