CBD Oil for Dogs in Washington

CBD Oil for Dogs in Washington
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Your dog is not feeling well, and that is not something you are used to. On a normal day, your dog would jump up as soon as you enter your home, and from then on it would be 10-15 minutes of straight unconditional love. But today, they simply don’t feel like it, and you are getting worried.

Dogs can get sick the same as we do, and the most important thing is to address the condition as soon as possible.

Taking your dog to a vet should be the first step – they will do the primary tests and try to detect the underlying condition. And, while conventional medicine has a solution for most diseases and illnesses, certain treatments are either too harsh or not effective enough to treat your dog’s condition. That is where alternative methods might come in handy, and out of all the options, CBD oil has become the most popular one.

How Does Washington State Regulate CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil has been a debate point for years now, and there is still no final verdict on it. Different states have different regulations on it, and while people have been reporting numerous healing properties (for humans and dogs), such as reduced inflammation, reduced pain, and relief from stress, there is no universal consensus on it.

Still, given the study results, your dog could benefit from the medical use of CBD oil, and you shouldn’t worry that they might get “high” as the THC levels are extremely low.

If you are a resident of Washington, you will want to know how the CBD oil question is regulated in your state. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and see the answer.

How Does Washington State Regulate CBD Oil For Dogs?

Washington is one of the most advanced states when it comes to CBD oil regulation. Why do we say so? Because both cannabis-derived and hemp-derived oil is legal for recreational and medical purposes. The use of hemp oil was regulated back in 2014 by the Farm Bill, and a few years after, in 2017, cannabis-derived CBD oil was proclaimed as legal and safe to use as well. This is great news, as it means that you will be able to conduct the CBD oil treatment on your dog (after consulting with your vet, of course).

How Does Washington State Regulate CBD For Dogs

There is only one restriction and that is that no CBD products can go in or out of the country. This is a positive regulation, as all the CBD products are produced by state-licensed manufacturers as well as the fact that different countries have different laws and regulations.

Where To Get CBD Oil For Dogs In Washington?

Looking at Washington CBD oil regulations, it is clear that you can get products for your dog both from cannabis clinic dispensaries, and individual retail shops. When getting CBD oil for a dog in Washington, we still recommend that you buy from a trusted source, and if you plan on treating your dog with it, it should be a CBD oil product made for pets, such as the ones produced by HempMy Pets. Last but not least, you can always find exclusive offers looking at online stores, and get even better deals than you would buying from a local shop.


If you are a resident of Washington, you can consider yourself and your dog lucky! Apart from the fact that CBD oil is legal both for recreational and medical use, marijuana is as well, and Washington is one of the most forward-thinking states out of all, which is great if you have a pup in pain.

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