CBD Oil for Dogs in Idaho

CBD Oil for Dogs in Idaho
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You love your dogs, and they love you even more. The love that dogs give to us is indescribable. That type of unconditional love is something that we, humans, are not familiar with. And that is why you want to give your dogs the best when you are together. 

Still, dogs, just like humans and other animals, can suffer from a variety of conditions, some inherited and other caused by external factors.

When we are talking about your dog’s health, it is critical to react as soon as you notice that something is wrong – the earlier you detect the problem the higher the chances of solving it are.

Can You Use CBD Oil as A Medicine for Your Dog

One of the biggest debate points over the years has been the use of CBD oil in treating medical conditions that occur in humans as well as animals. But what is CBD oil in the first place? It is derived from a cannabis and hemp compound called cannabidiol and is said to have an extremely low percentage of THC in it, which means it has no psychoactive effect. It is said that CBD oil can have numerous healing properties and act as an anticonvulsant, painkiller, anti-inflammatory, and a stress reliever, as well as have certain anti-cancer properties.

Different states have different regulations; some states are making it legal for medical use (Washington; Montana; North Dakota); some states forbid it all-round (Nebraska, South Dakota); and some are making it legal under certain circumstances (Wyoming). Without further ado, let’s go ahead and see how CBD oil is regulated in Idaho.

Can You Use CBD Oil as A Medicine for Your Dog?

If you are living in Idaho and you are a dog owner, you want to know the answer to this question, especially if you have a dog in pain. And shortly put, the answer is no. By the current regulations of Idaho, cannabis-derived CBD oil is illegal for both medical and recreational use. While there are advocates that are doing their best to start initiatives and change the given laws, for now, Idaho doesn’t allow the use of CBD oil.

Where to Buy Hemp Oil in Idaho

It is legal to use hemp-derived CBD oil, and there are certain stores that sell the hemp-derived oil (under 0.3% of THC) as medicine. Hemp plants fall under the category of Cannabis sativa, but due to its industrial use, and the low percentage of THC, it is considered safe to manufacture and use.

Where to Buy Hemp Oil in Idaho?

While the cannabis (marijuana) CBD Oil is illegal in the State of Idaho, the oil derived from a hemp plant is legal, and there are multiple stores selling it across Idaho. The Welcomed Science store opened up their business in Garden City a few years ago, and there is Global CBD selling its hemp-derived oil in Sandpoint. Last but not least, you can visit the area of Idaho Falls and get relevant products in the Snake River Solace shop. Not to forget, when it comes to hemp-oils for your pet, we recommend that you buy from a trusted brand such as HolistaPet, HempMy Pet, and King Kanine.


While the cannabis-derived CBD oil might not be legal in Idaho, the hemp-oil that has less than 0.3% THC is legal, and there is a good reason why you should go ahead and try its potential medical properties for your pup. Being a possible anti-inflammatory drug, as well as a painkiller, it can give your dog much-needed relief.

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