Best Hemp Oil for Dog Anxiety: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Hemp Oil for Dog Anxiety Complete Reviews with Comparisons
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Why isn’t the best hemp oil for dog anxiety equal to any of the highly rated human-grade CBD oil? Dogs need very specific concentrations of CBD. Sometimes the formulas intended for human consumption may be too powerful.

Another reason is that the THC concentration in hemp oils designed for pets is almost always as close to 0% as possible.

While you can easily take hemp oil that has between 0.3% (the legal limit in most states) up to 10% THC, dogs and animals in general can’t handle the psychoactive component that well.

Last but not least, managing anxiety is hard enough with certain dog breeds. The last thing your dog needs is developing allergic reactions or an overdose of certain “nutrients” you often find in CBD oils for humans.

Comparison Chart

1000mg 4oz Hemp Oil for Pets- Organic Hemp Extract

Harvest Grove Hemp Hemp Oil For Pets By Cats And Dogs

Best Hemp Oil for Dog Anxiety Reviews

1. Honest Paws Purity Solutions CBD Oil for Dogs Level 1

Honest Paws Purity Solutions

Honest Paws sells a variety of treats and tinctures that adhere to a holistic approach to dealing with various symptoms in dogs. The company also makes three different hemp oils of varying potency, each of which caters to specific weight classes and breeds of dogs.

Product Highlights

The formula comes with 4mg of CBD per serving. A serving is a full dropper which holds 1 ml. Level 1 has the least amount of CBD, 125mg per 1 oz. for a weight concentration of 0.44%.

This product is recommended for dogs that weigh less than 25 lbs. It can also be used for cats, though there is a separate Honest Paws CBD oil for cats.

Moving on up, Level 2 is for medium breeds up to 50 lbs. at 250mg of CBD per 1 oz. Level 3 is for more than 50 lbs., and contains 500mg of CBD per 1 oz.

The blend is simple. The only ingredients are full-spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil. Full-spectrum CBD is highly recommended by vets and pet owners as it tackles more than just anxiety in dogs. It may also help with joint pain and loss of appetite.

MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil is also very helpful. These lipids are found in coconut flesh. They’re associated with improved mental health in both humans and dogs.

What's to like about the Honest Paws Purity Solutions CBD Oil for Dogs Level 1

The combination of full-spectrum CBD and MCT oil is the best thing about the Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs. It’s a simple two-ingredient combo yet it manages to tackle more than just common anxiety-related issues.

What's not to like about the Honest Paws Purity Solutions CBD Oil for Dogs Level 1

While highly unlikely, some dogs may have an allergic reaction to coconut-derived MCTs. Starting with the lowest recommended dosage is very important so that you can monitor the treatment’s progression and keep the dog safe.


  • check
    Full-spectrum CBD
  • check
    Helps improve mental health
  • check
    Increases appetite


  • Pricey on a per mg of CBD basis

2. MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs

MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs

If you’re not sold on the medicinal properties of CBD then you might want to try a product designed for conservative dog owners. MediPets offers various concentrations of CBD oil, and the one made for small dogs should give you peace of mind.

Product Highlights

This tincture comes in a 30 ml. plastic container with 25mg of CBD. That equates to roughly 0.04mg of CBD per drop. It’s a perfect amount if you want to start things off slow and if you have a very small dog.

The list of ingredients is short and doesn’t show anything to be worried about. Alongside the industrial hemp-derived CBD oil you have vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene. Both compounds are odorless and tasteless for the most part.

VG is sometimes used as an artificial sweetener. It’s harmless which is why it’s used extensively in a wide variety of dog treats and chews. If anything, it should make the product more appealing. Even sublingual applications can sometimes go wrong, given a dog’s enhanced senses of smell and taste.

The price point is high for the amount of CBD you’re getting. You’d have to opt for a more potent solution if you have a larger dog.

What's to like about the MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs

The low level of CBD is what makes the product valuable. It allows safe administration to pups and small breeds while also protecting dogs that are prone to allergies.

What's not to like about the MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs

Although there’s no detectable THC in the formula, some dog owners may take issue with the artificial sweetener component.


  • check
    Container with dropper cap
  • check
    Formulated for small dogs
  • check
    Good for conservative dog owners


  • Uses an artificial sweetener
  • Not cost-effective

3. Honest Paws Purity Solutions CBD Oil for Dogs Level 3

Honest Paws Purity Solutions CBD Oil for Dogs Level 3

This is a premium CBD oil with a matching price tag. It’s the Level 3 version of the previously reviewed Honest Paws CBD oil. It’s what you might need if you’re risking a hernia when picking up your favorite pet.

Product Highlights

As is the case with all CBD tinctures from Honest Paws, you can get the Level 3 hemp oil with a one-time purchase or subscribe to a monthly delivery for a better deal.

This formula has the highest potency of all Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs. Level 3 is for dogs over 50 lbs. There’s 500mg of CBD to the 30 ml. or 1 oz. of hemp oil (for a weight concentration of 1.76%). This is enough to manage aggression, depression, hyperactivity, phobias, as well as more severe chronic pains.

One serving is one full dropper or 1 ml. It’s recommended to administer just one dose per day as 16mg of CBD is more than enough. But, remember that in order for the formula to work, a fast absorption time is also preferred.

Although the full spectrum CBD oil is the star of the show, this hemp oil tincture also features a small quantity of MCT oil which is always nice for a boost of energy. The formula is otherwise organic, non-GMO, and soy-free, and should cater to even the pickiest of owners.

What's to like about the Honest Paws Purity Solutions CBD Oil for Dogs Level 3

The 500mg of CBD per bottle is not the highest on the market but the fact that the tincture uses full spectrum CBD oil instead of isolated CBD makes it highly efficient. There’s a significant saving over the Level 1 and Level 2 on a per mg of CBD basis, so you can opt to buy the Level 3 for your small or medium dog. Just use one-quarter of a dropper if you have a small dog (up to 25 lbs.) or a-half if you have a medium dog (up to 50 lbs.).

What's not to like about the Honest Paws Purity Solutions CBD Oil for Dogs Level 3

The tincture is slightly expensive as a long-term treatment.


  • check
    Mixed with coconut oil
  • check
    Formulated for large dog breeds
  • check
    Good for anxiety, hyperactivity, and joint pain


  • Expensive, but much cheaper than buying 4 bottles of Level 1 or 2 bottles of Level 2

4. La Luna Pets Hemp Oil for Pets

If you want even more CBD per container, La Luna Pets can tend to your needs. This is a full spectrum non-GMO formula designed for dogs of all sizes.

Product Highlights

The 4 oz. bottle can give you a one-month supply of hemp oil for a massive dog. It can also give you a 6 month’s supply of hemp oil for a dog under 25 lbs. if you adjust the dosage accordingly.

The shelf life of the product is great, especially since it doesn’t come with artificial preservatives added to the mix. The concentration of CBD is 1,000 mg to 4 oz. of formula or 0.88% on a weight basis.

As it is common with most tinctures in this category, La Luna Pets also adds some MCT oil for an added boost of energy, better circulation, and better absorption.

Although it has a high absorption rate, it’s still recommended to apply the tincture sublingually. But don’t force the matter if you dog it out – if that’s the case just mix it with food when it’s time for chow. The formula is designed for anxiety first and foremost, but it’s a lot more versatile than that.

Best of all, it’s a human-grade formula. For a dog food or supplement to be labeled human-grade, it must be made in a factory that meets human food safety standards and all ingredients must be fit for human consumption.

What's to like about the La Luna Pets Hemp Oil for Pets

Very few hemp oils for dogs cater to really large dogs. This formula is formulated to give all the medicinal and nutritional benefits in one dropper to a dog weighing over 75 lbs. It’s a cost-effective way of managing your furry friend’s anxious behavior.

What's not to like about the La Luna Pets Hemp Oil for Pets

It may not be easy to measure just 1/4th of the dropper to administer a dose to a small dog.


  • check
    No flavor enhancers
  • check
    Full spectrum CBD oil
  • check
    Highly potent formula


  • Hard to administer small doses

5. Harvest Grove Hemp Oil for Pets

This unflavored hemp oil is designed for both cats and dogs. It has a medium level of CBD and is perhaps best suited for medium breeds.

Product Highlights

The formula is made from organic hemp grown according to Kentucky regulations and tradition. The extraction and purifying processes are as clean as they can be.

Each bottle holds just 1 oz. or 30 ml. of tincture. There is 350mg of CBD for the entire bottle for a weight concentration of 1.23%. The dropper allows you to use however much oil you need with each dose. However, the manufacturer recommends a 0.25ml dose per 25 lbs.

This may be increased slightly after a few days or weeks, depending on how quickly your pet develops a tolerance for the CBT.

The formula also has MCT oil which is almost the norm for most canine hemp oils. The calming properties are very good which is what your dog needs if he’s hyperactive or suffers from panic attacks.

What's to like about the Harvest Grove Hemp Oil for Pets

The slightly higher potency means that the Harvest Grove Hemp Oil also has good analgesic properties at. The fact that it works on both dogs and cats is a notable plus too.

What's not to like about the Harvest Grove Hemp Oil for Pets

The undisclosed concentration of MCT oil per dose is a small drawback.


  • check
    Medium concentration
  • check
  • check
    Made from organic Kentucky hemp


  • Not full spectrum CBD oil
  • May be difficult to accurately lower the dosage

Hemp Oil for Dog Anxiety Buyer’s Guide


Anxious dogs are more than just jumpy animals when you come home or leave for work in the morning. Anxiety in dogs can manifest itself in a number of ways. It can lead to hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, depression (from separation anxiety), eating disorders, constant barking, chewing objects, etc.

All of these are signs that your dog is struggling with some form of anxiety, either caused by your behavior or by some changes in the dog’s routine. Hemp oil is supposed to help manage any combinations of anxiety-related behaviors.

The main effect of this type of hemp oil for dogs should be calming. The analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and digestive properties come second if your dog can’t seem to catch a break from panic attacks, lashing out, or feeling depressed to the point of not eating or drinking.

Sure, a boost in appetite might also help. But you’d want to manage the underlying condition first and not the side effects.

Therefore, it’s important to look beyond what the manufacturer advertises and analyze the list of ingredients.


Unlike CBD treats or hemp creams, the best hemp oil for dog anxiety doesn’t need a particular flavor enhancer.

Hemp oil is rather tasteless and odorless so administering it to the dog shouldn’t be very difficult. As an added bonus, most tinctures come with a dropper cap.

So, what’s there in terms of ingredients? Other than hemp oil, you’re unlikely to encounter anything else other than MCT oil.

MCTs are lipids found in coconut which has been associated with improved circulation, brain function, and heart health.

However, be aware that some manufacturers might still add certain sweeteners, other oil extracts, or even enrich the formula with various vitamins and minerals.

The purest hemp oils for dogs actually have low nutritional value. They’re all about the CBD content and keeping the solution THC-free.


You will notice that CBD oil for dogs can come in different levels of CBD. These can range from 100mg to 1,500mg per bottle. But, it’s all about how much of that goes into a 30 ml. bottle of hemp oil. The ratio of the two numbers is the concentration.

The concentration isn’t always tied directly to how much better the formula is for a dog. Not all dogs can handle a highly potent formula. The general rule is a bigger dog will need more mg of CBD.

This is why you should pay attention to how much CBD (mg) goes into each dose. This makes way more sense than the big CBD numbers on the packaging.

Side Effects

Although hemp oil products are just as safe on dogs as they are on humans, it’s important to be aware of certain side effects or adverse reactions, no matter how rarely they occur.

Dry mouth, drowsiness, lightheadedness, and low blood sugar may occur if the dose is too strong and the dog is not used to it. That’s why gradually increasing the dose until you reach the recommended amount is often advised.

Also, note that the CBD component doesn’t trigger allergies in dogs. However, additional ingredients might. You should know that by far the main culprits of dog allergy are amino acids (the protein of animal flesh, and dogs are almost never allergic to all amino acids). It is even rarer for a dog to be allergic to oils and fats.

Delivery Method

Most hemp oils come with their own droppers. This is by far the most popular delivery method for CBD tinctures since it’s easy to apply sublingually without inconveniencing the dog too much.

However, there are also various sprays on the market. You will notice the same simple formulas and long shelf lives.

Spray containers are also designed in different concentrations to cater to dogs of various sizes. The downside is that you can hardly customize the dosage to fit your dog’s needs.

Sprays are designed to be mixed with food. You can spray some of it on a bowl of kibbles and call it a day.

Hemp Oil for Dog Anxiety FAQ

What is hemp oil for dogs?

Hemp oil and CBD oil are not always interchangeable. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in most plants in the Cannabis family. Two plants are usually used to extract the CBD component: marijuana and hemp.

The main difference is that marijuana-derived CBD oil also contains high amounts of THC. This is the psychoactive component that can make you high. Properly refined hemp oil may have around 0.3% THC or none at all.

Hemp oil for dogs is essentially CBD oil or CBD tincture that’s been extracted from hemp and contains no THC; only the medicinal CBD component of the cannabis plant. This oil is used by dog owners interested in using alternative medicine to manage several conditions, of which the most common is anxiety.

How much hemp oil to give to a dog?

Most holistic vets may recommend giving your dog anywhere between 1mg and 5mg per 10 lbs. of weight. While that range is appropriate, if you’ve never given your dog CBD before, starting with the lowest amount might be best.

Much like humans developing a resistance to THC, CBD’s psychoactive cousin, dogs will eventually develop a resistance to CBD too. That’s why gradually increasing the dosage allows your dog to reap the benefits of hemp oil for a long time.

Although they rarely occur, there are also some side effects. Once again, this is why it makes sense to start low. Note that hemp oil for dogs is used to manage and not cure any disorders.

How to use hemp oil for dog anxiety?

Hemp oil is much more cost-effective than doggy treats, too much of which can cause weight gain. The majority of hemp oils for dog anxiety come in small bottle containers with dropper caps.

Use the dropper to take out the indicated amount and feed it to your dog underneath his tongue. Alternatively, you can also administer hemp oil by mixing it with the dog’s food.

However, sublingual administration facilitates a much faster absorption rate. It can be anywhere between 25 to 60 minutes.

If you were to mix the hemp oil with food, two things can happen. It may take up to 90 minutes for the CBD to be absorbed. Secondly, the dog could totally refuse to eat.

How fast does hemp oil for dogs anxiety work?

The answer is: It varies. There are multiple factors that contribute to how soon you can see improvements. First of all, the correct administration of the hemp oil is mandatory. If the dog takes less CBD than they need with their doses, you may not see any signs of improvement at all.

Secondly, it’s important to separate absorption time from results. Although a faster absorption time means that the CBD starts working faster, it may take up to 4 weeks to see positive results and changes in your dog’s behavior.

It all depends on the dog’s size, the quality of the product, proper dosage, and the severity of the condition. While it can show results much sooner, it’s also worth considering that certain dog breeds are inherently more prone to separation anxiety: Siberian Husky, Greyhound, Poodle, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, etc.

The CBD oil may take longer to work on dogs that have a natural inclination to feel sad or depressed for the smallest of reasons.


The Honest Paws Purity Solutions CBD oil is probably the best hemp oil for dog anxiety for all. We’d put all 3 levels in this category. But the Level 3 is much more cost-effective on a per mg of CBD basis. Just cut it down if you have a small or medium dog.

That’s not to say that there aren’t other great alternatives on this list. The other choices presented are perhaps more niche than the top pick. But, there’s something there for every dog owner whether you’re shopping on a budget, shopping for a giant dog, or looking for something to treat the most severe cases of hyperactivity, aggression, and phobias.

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