Best CBD Dog Treats for Arthritis: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best CBD Dog Treats for Arthritis Complete Reviews with Comparisons
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People have been talking about the benefits of CBD for a while now. But, until recently, the market hasn’t been flooded with things like the best CBD dog treats for arthritis or other pet-grade CBD products.

The medicinal properties of CBD have found a new home in alternative dog medicine. It’s a familiar setting, since the majority of medications for dogs are actually human drugs. Furthermore, dogs and humans are affected by the same disorders and health issues, such as arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, hyperactivity, seizures, etc.

So, if you’d rather avoid prescription painkillers that might affect your dog’s kidneys and liver in the long run and you don’t have the patience for slow-acting joint supplements that’ll take months to find out if they work, how can you start managing your dog’s arthritis pains?

CBD dog treats can be a good alternative, and they usually include the abovementioned joint supplements as well. The potency of these products might be adequate for mild pain. And, it would give you a baseline to go by if you ever want to try out the more potent CBD tinctures.

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HempDogLicious Dog Joint Supplement Chews

Hip & Joint Care – Natural Dog Treats

Best CBD Dog Treats for Arthritis Reviews

1. Honest Paws Joint Support CBD Soft Chews

Honest Paws Joint Support CBD Soft Chews

These doggie bone-shaped CBD treats are rather tasty but more importantly, they’re effective. If you’re looking for something that can manage joint pain and other arthritis-related pain in dogs of all ages and sizes, Honest Paws has you covered.


These CBD dog treats use a proprietary blend of hemp meal, hemp seed oil, and CBD isolate that creates a powerful analgesic effect. Its potency is comparable to that of over-the-counter medication if not better.

The added benefit is the non-destructive nature of CBD. It has no known long-term damaging effects on the kidneys and liver, unlike pain pharmaceuticals. This is what makes the Honest Paws soft chews a safe bet.

In addition to the analgesic qualities, the formula also has popular joint support ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, Boswellia, and hyaluronic acid. The formula doesn’t contain dairy, soy, salt, or other ingredients that may be unhealthy or trigger allergic reactions.

The treats are small but you can easily break them down to adjust the doses. One treat per day is enough for an old dog that weighs between 25 and 50 lbs. Break one in half or double up for smaller and bigger dogs.


  • check
    Very potent CBD isolate formula
  • check
    Easy to chew
  • check
    Discount on monthly delivery


  • Average flavor

2. MediPets CBD Dog Treats Jerky Sticks

MediPets CBD Dog Treats Jerky Sticks

If your dog’s too old or suffering from such debilitating pain that they’ve lost their appetite, giving them supplements may be difficult. But, if you put something extra tasty under their nose, you have a better chance of succeeding.


MediPets has a varied portfolio of hemp-derived dog supplements and alternative medicine. These jerky sticks are CBD dog treats with a low absorption rate but excellent approval from man’s best friend.

Each treat contains 4mg of CBD. Full spectrum cannabidiol is used in order to tap into all the medicinal properties of the compound. So, with these jerky sticks your dog gets more than just pain relief. He’ll also enjoy a calming effect as well as the mild anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

The formula is not entirely organic but it uses natural ingredients like beef, chicken fat, bacon, fennel powder, and anise. It looks very gourmet on paper. However, the treats do contain traces of soy, wheat, and artificial food colorants.

If you’re all about the organic stuff, you may not fully appreciate this blend. On the other hand, given the potent analgesic effect, you might want to reconsider your approach. After all, this is not dog food but something to be given once or twice a day, depending on the dog’s weight.


  • check
    Full spectrum CBD
  • check
    Manages chronic pain
  • check
    Great taste


  • Contains artificial preservatives and colorants

3. Honest Paws Turmeric Flavored CBD Dog Treats

Honest Paws Turmeric Flavored CBD Dog Treats

Maybe you want something more balanced and affordable when it comes to dog arthritis treats. Honest Paws has many alternatives in its bag of treats, including killer prices and high-quality CBD oil. The taste may not be the highlight this time, but it’s far from average or unappetizing to dogs.


These round-shaped dog treats are not all about the turmeric. When it comes to taste, your dog will appreciate the peanut butter probably more, as well as the soft texture of the treats. The treats can be given with food once a day or as a reward.

Eggs, peanut butter, malted barley, and turmeric all contribute to the taste in one way or another. But only the full spectrum CBD oil and turmeric offer any health benefits. CBD is the ingredient responsible for the analgesic effect.

Turmeric, on the other hand, is most known as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory spice. The earthy flavor goes well with the peanut butter. Last but not least, some MCT oil is also used. This may help improve the dog’s blood circulation and promote a healthy heart, while also adding mild anti-inflammatory benefits.

The analgesic effect, the sense of general well-being and the properly working metabolism all come together in a formula designed for dogs of all sizes. One treat equals 5mg of CBD.

That amount is enough for small dogs as is but may need an increase for larger breeds. That’s why it may be slightly pricier for large-breed owners. But that’s true of everything, larger dogs always eat and cost more.


  • check
    Earthy, spicy, sweet, and salty flavor accents
  • check
    Medium potency
  • check
    Full spectrum CBD oil


  • Not grain-free (in case your dog is on a grain-free diet)
  • Supply won’t last 30 days for large dogs

4. Healthy Paw Supplements HempDogLicious Joint Supplement Chews

If your dog doesn’t need super strong dog treats for arthritis then you might as well go for a more well-rounded approach. The HempDogLicious is a container of 90 joint supplement soft chews, which are tasty enough for use as treats. It has an all-purpose hemp-derived base with lots of other joint support ingredients.


The HempDogLicious joint supplement has decent analgesic properties. Like all joint supplements for dogs, this will take one to three months to work, which is why you’re getting 90 chews in a single container.

That’s a two-month supply for a 25-lb. dog. Among the beneficial ingredients are coconut oil, turmeric, green-lipped mussel, flaxseed meal, and of course the hemp powder.

The taste is bacon-flavored which your dog will love. As mentioned, you can use these as treats as well but the absorption rate might be better if fed with food. Turmeric, black pepper, hemp, even coconut oil – they all have anti-inflammatory properties that help manage arthritis-related pains in both humans and dogs.


  • check
  • check
  • check
    Natural joint support ingredients


  • Less CBD than other similar products

5. Senta Nutrition Hip & Joint Care

This is an interesting cross between holistic and Western medicine due to the list of active ingredients. However, the dog treats are designed to do one thing very well, manage arthritis pain, which is all that should matter in the end.


Senta Nutrition’s Hip & Joint Care is very interesting. Along with hemp oil and organic turmeric, it also uses glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). These are the top 3 ingredients in most joint supplements for dogs. This one also contains hemp seed oil, collagen, and turmeric. The collagen is from fish rather than the more proven UC-II collagen from chicken breast.

Everything on the list is associated with anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to decrease joint pain considerably. Having a bit of everything makes sure that it’ll work on the widest range of dogs.

The direction says two treats a day for dogs up to 30 lbs. The treats are also nutritious. The inactive ingredients include flaxseed meal, carrots, apples, celery, cucumbers, carrots, and natural sweeteners.

Due to the interesting mix of ingredients, the Senta Nutrition Hip & Joint Care dog treats can also be given as a food supplement long before your dog shows any signs of arthritis. It can push back the onset of the disease.


  • check
    Manages joint pain, cartilage degeneration, and stiffness
  • check
    Carefully chosen ingredients
  • check
    Non-GMO and soy-free


  • Lower levels of CBD
  • Average taste


The best CBD dog treats for arthritis may just be the Joint Support Soft Chews by Honest Paws. The base of the formula is CBD oil of the highest quality. Although other manufacturers like combining more plant extracts to achieve an anti-inflammatory effect, high-quality CBD oil may just be unbeatable in most cases.

But, there are cheaper alternatives. The HempDogLicious treats are not a bad choice either, especially if you have a large dog at home. It’s the more traditional approach that’ll take more than a month to work.

Whichever you prefer, it’s important to know that there are a few good options out there, the top five of which are on this list. It’s up to you to determine which potency your pet needs and what ingredients you’re comfortable with.

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