Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats Review

Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats Review
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Quick Overview






  • Quality source of CBD
  • Organic ingredients


  • Mostly suitable for small- and medium-sized dogs

This is one of a growing number of products that uses the power of hemp oil to help dogs feel better as they age. It is suggested that dog treats containing CBD can help pets to overcome joint pain and muscle pain, as well as feel less nervous. The Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats we are looking at are among the best-established options on the market. They are advertised as being all-natural dog delights but are they what your four-legged friend needs right now? This review will look at the different factors to take into account before buying.

Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats Review

This is a gourmet option that provides an interesting flavor as well as the benefit of hemp oil. The product comes in different presentations, with a varying number of treats in them. There is also a difference in the concentration of CBD in them, with some having 5mg in each chew and others containing 2mg each.

The main reason for these differences is that some of the products are aimed at large dogs, while others are more suitable for smaller pooches. The different options all come in a peanut butter flavor. As you may have seen in other dog treats of this type, the addition of hemp oil is said to provide a number of benefits. These include relief from seizures, helping a poor appetite, and lowering stress levels.

Who is this product for?

The variety of presentations available means that owners of different types of dog can get the right choice for their pet. The range of beneficial effects attributed to hemp oil means that these treats could prove to be helpful to dogs in varying situations. It is especially suitable for older dogs with deteriorating health but there are many people who give these CBD infused treats to younger, healthier pets as well.

What sort of pet owner might not be interested in this product? Well, the lack of a range of different flavors might make it tricky to introduce them into the diet of a fussy eater. The price is reasonable for this kind of product, although they are more expensive than many traditional dog chews.

What’s included?

The Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats can be purchased in packs of 15, 20, 60, or 80 pieces. It is vital that you make sure you choose the right option for the size of your dog, as this is reflected in the potency of the chews. The biggest packs include 6 bags of treats, which means that you save money and can forget about buying any more of them for a while.

Overview of features

The combination of hemp oil and a peanut butter flavor makes this a natural product that plenty of dogs find to be tasty. You should be aware that these dogs chew are 100% THC free, though. What does this really mean? To put it simply, these chews won’t get your get high when they eat them. CBD oil extracts the health benefits of the cannabis plant without any of the side effects that you may be wary of your dog experiencing. Overall, it provides a number of interesting possible benefits while being advertised as completely safe for pets to consume.


There is no great secret to giving your pooch Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats. These chews can be given to your pet in the same way that you would give them any other tasty snacks. However, it is also important to understand the correct dosage that they should consume on a regular basis.

The amount that a particular dog should consume depends upon their weight and the potency of the treat. As an example, the chews that each contain 2mg of CBD oil can be given 2 to 3 times a day. A single piece is suitable for every 10 lbs. of the dog’s body weight. As you can see, there are no rules but rather some guidelines. In the same way, you can moisten the treats or break them into smaller pieces if this makes them easier to eat.


Are there are alternatives out there that you should be aware of? Yes, there is a growing market for hemp oil dog chews that you may not be aware of. This is a good choice for many pets but it might not be perfect in every single case. For instance, will your four legged friend be unhappy with the peanut butter flavor? If this isn’t his favorite flavor then you could look at the likes of the ME30 Veterinarian Formulated – 100% Pure Organic Hemp Pet Chews. This brings a different kind of taste to this product.


Are you tempted to see why so many people speak so highly of CBD-infused dog treats like these? Many of the reports from people who have tried them suggest they are effective in helping their pets to live a more satisfying, pain-free life as they get older. This is one of the most popular dog treats of this type and it could change your pet’s life in some ways. That means that trying these treats is something well worth considering.

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